John Deere 2 Series Compact Tractors

Three open station operating compact tractors are available in the 2 Series of small tractors, with horsepower options ranging from 23.9 to 37.3 horsepower with intuitive controls for simplicity of operation. Tier 4 Yanmar strong, high-torque diesel engines power these compact tractors, ensuring excellent efficiency. These John Deere compact tractors are great for loading, mowing, tilling, and snow removal thanks to a variety of compatible tools. Please have a look at Bramlett Implement's inventory of John Deere 2 Series compact tractors and compare pricing, specs, and features.

equipment 1
2025R Compact Tractor
Starting at: $20,923.00
equipment 2
2032R Compact Tractor
Starting at: $28,300.00
equipment 3
2038R Compact Tractor
Starting at: $30,640.00