About Us

"Bramlett Implement Four Generations Strong"

        Bramlett Implement was originally started as Barbee Implement by D.R. Barbee in 1937.  D.R. Barbee was Donnie Bramlett's grandfather.  He moved his horse and mule trading lot from Edna Hill, Texas to one block south of the Dr. Pepper bottling plant in Dublin, Texas.  In 1937 D.R. Barbee became a John Deere dealer and sold his first John Deere tractor.  He would trade for two or three teams of horses or mules for each tractor. 

In 1939 D.R. bought the old Utterback building, it's the three story building located across from the Dublin Fire Station. All the tractors, parts department and service department were on the first floor and all the cultivators, planters and plows were hauled up the elevator and stored upstairs.

Barbee Implement was a true family business. It was operated by D.R. Barbee, his two sons and daughter. Four nephews and numerous cousins worked at the business.  In 1944 Don Bramlett, Donnie's father and D.R. Barbee's son-in-law, purchased the John Deere parts department, while other family members continued running the other parts of the business.  the business grew in the late 1940's to consist of John Deere equipment, Pontiac cars, home appliances, butane gas, real estate and Hereford cattle.

In the 1950s the business was offered to family members. Worth Barbee purchased the farm and cattle; Durwood Barbee purchased the Pontiac cars, appliances and butane gas. Don Bramlett bought the John Deere Business, renaming it Bramlett Implement. He operated through the drought of the 1950's until 1964 in Dublin.  Donnie Bramlett son of Don Bramlett became partner in the business in 1964. Bramlett Implement bought and consolidated the three stores in Dublin, Stephenville and Hico.  Bramlett Implement also relocated to the corner of Highway 281 and 377 in Stephenville.  Father and son operated the store together until 1974, when Don Bramlett retired to the farm and ranch. In the early 1980's Bramlett Implement built a new business on Hwy 377 south where it is located today. Todd Bramlett, fourth generation joined the business in 1992, carrying on the family tradition of father and son operation. Today, Tashli Wilson, Donnie's eldest granddaughter can also be seen working at the store making a 5th Generation worker. Bramlett Implement is still a family business where going green has been their way of life for over 80 years.

Pictured above: Todd Bramlett (4th generation) , Donnie Bramlett (3rd generation) and granddaughter, Tashli Wilson (5th generation).